Choosing a Counsellor

 Counselling provides hope, insight, information and consistent love and support as you journey on your healing process.

Counsellors often look at issues from a different perspective which can assist people and be a powerful catalyst for healing or change.

When you are looking for a Counsellor, it is helpful to take the attitude that you are a consumer making an informed choice about the person you're hiring to work. Even though you're seeking counselling to fill an emotional need, you are still paying for the service.

Being a consumer gives you certain rights: 

  • the right to determine the qualities you want in your Counsellor
  • the right to be heard, believed and treated with respect
  • the right to be satisfied by the services you're receiving
  • the right to freely discuss any problems that arise in counselling with your Counsellor
  • the right to end a counselling relationship that isn't working for you

It is good to think about the characteristics you are looking for in a Counsellor prior to making enquiries so you have an idea of who you can work with.

There are certain basic things that are necessary in a Counsellor.
You should make sure your prospective Counsellor:

  • Never minimises your experience or the pain it's caused you
  • Explains the boundaries of confidentiality
  • Is willing to hear your experiences/stories
  • Keeps the focus on you, not the other person you are talking about
  • Doesn't push reconciliation or forgiveness
  • Doesn't talk about his or her personal problems
  • Fully respects your feeling (grief, anger, rage, etc.)
  • Manages your therapy in a professional manner
  • Encourages you to build a support system outside of counselling

Along with this, it is important to ask any questions that would help you with you your counselling sessions.

Adelpha Care Counsellors are affiliated to a professional body e.g NZ Association of Counsellors, NZ Christian Counsellors Association and Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association of NZ and regular supervision with a professional supervisor.

 Should you have a concern or a complaint about your Counsellor or your counselling here at Adelpha Care, please contact the Practice Manager who will point you in the right direction.