Fractional Laser Therapy- MonaLisa Touch

History Of Fractional Laser Therapy In Dermatology

MonaLisa Touch is an evolution of the proven Smartxide DOT Therapy fractional laser system, one of the most widely used fractional lasers in dermatology.

Developed in the early 2000's, fractional laser has been used successfully in dermatology for scar reduction and skin texture improvement  on delicate areas such as the face, eyelids and neck.

Fractional laser improves the structure of the epithelium by delivering heat into the tissue to stimulate 'heat-shock'proteins that increase the activity  of fibroblasts.

Fractional laser ablates small dots  of tissue on the epithelium (around 5%) surrounded by areas of untreated tissue. This leads to rapid healing with low-risk of side effects.

Improvements in the epithelium can continue for up to 6 months after a single treatment and results last longer than 12 months.

laser fractional dots vaginal wall