Pelvic floor & Continence

Our two doctors conduct full pelvic floor assessments and examination for prolapse, incontinence, pelvic floor overactivity and other related conditions.

Further investigations may involve a 2 day bladder diary, ultrasound imaging, urine tests, urodynamics  or cystometry.

Treatments offered thru Adelpha Care include

  • vaginal and continence pessaries
  • pelvic floor training
  • Peritone biofeedback
  • Pericalm stimulator
  • Neen vaginal trainer
  • CO2 laser (Mona Lisa Touch)
  • Gynaecological Pelvic floor surgery at Grace hospital with Dr Samantha Wettasinghe

We liaise  with local pelvic floor Physiotherapists at Body in Motion including Alice Taylor & Sophie Arnold and with Claire Baker at Bay Physiotherapy.  They are key providers in prevention and treatment of pelvic floor compromise.

For advanced persistent  incontinence we guide you to the excellent care at Bay Urology who offer various options for Urethral Bulking or Suburethral Slings.