About Us

At Adelpha Care we know that women need better healthcare ... healthcare that is tailored to their needs, available quickly, locally and from people you know and trust.

The professionals at Adelpha Care share the vision of delivering modern treatments, advice, surgeries and compassionate guidance in a  facility that caters to women.  We are grateful that our rooms are specifically designed for the services provided. We understand the importance of comfort, discretion and convenience for the clients we meet. 

We want your health and well-being to be achieved in appointments that you look forward to because here you know you are understood. Our staff  appreciate you as a special woman, not a medical condition.

Health is not just contained in a prescription or a surgical procedure.  We offer all that and more. Adelpha Care gives you the time, attention, information and choices to achieve goals that align with your values and your lifestyle. We help you identify the factors undermining you and making you unwell.  Our team can blend our skills together to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Whether you seek treatment, support, surgery or pampering we pride ourselves on delivering exemplary care within a beautiful facility.

We are striving for the betterment of women's health for women of all ages.


We listen. We understand. We empower.