Pain Service

At Pains & Brains, Dr Jacqui Clark has expertise in persistent pain and associated hypersensitivity, anxiety symptoms and difficulties in the way your brain is processing sensations.

Her role as a Specialist Pain Physiotherapist involves enabling you to understand your personal pain characteristics, and applying those to a tailor-made rehab plan. ​Your rehab can be given by your regular physio under Jacqui's guidance, or self-directed under her instruction and supervision.

Her expertise is in persistent pain, sensory and movement dysfunctions, symptoms associated with changes in the way the brain processes sensory information, fibromyalgia and stress - and anxiety-related functional difficulties; and more.

Dr. Jacqui Clark holds a joint-PhD through Manchester Metropolitan University UK and Vrije Universitei Brussel, Belgium. She is a Specialist Pain Physiotherapist, registered with the New Zealand Board of Physiotherapy.

As an active member of the Pain in Motion international research collaboration lead by Professor Jo Nijs, Jacqui is a post-doctoral researcher in chronic pain with Vrije Universitei Brussel, Belgium. She is an international post-graduate teacher and lecturer in the area of complex pain conditions.

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